2014: A BreakThrough Year

As we reflect on 2014 and look forward to celebrating our 5th Anniversary in 2015, there’s much to be said about our company…who we are, where we are going and the manner in which we operate.


We are BreakThrough — a company of 3 — Johanna, Dana and Pat.


Every company is filled with individuals who have something incredible to offer. Sadly, many companies overlook the countless sleeping giants that plug away day after day, feeling under valued, under appreciated and less than inspired. For many, work is a paycheck and an obstacle to their dreams. BreakThrough is a company built on the pursuit of dreams-
a company that fosters personal BreakThroughs.


Behind the scenes, we are the dreamers who believe there is more to building great companies than focusing on the bottom line.  We believe it’s important to invest in our dreams and by doing so, amazing things will happen.  Our hope is that our story continues to inspire others to be fearless, to awake those sleeping giants to pursue their passions, to hear the quiet ones, to see the invisible ones, to offer a word of encouragement, an inspiring story or some tools to help them take that next big step.


Our goal for 2015 is to continue to dream individually and as a company and to be open to all possibilities.


On paper, we are a company of 3 but in reality we are a company of thousands. Our existence depends on our relationships with friends, family, actors, managers, agents, producers, directors and clients. Our goal with every project is to exceed expectations by delivering quality with integrity. Our testimonials, word-of-mouth referrals and repeat clients reflect that we are on the right track.


We would like to acknowledge the following people that made 2014 what it was- A BreakThrough Year!




THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR CLIENTS for trusting us to bring quality talent to your projects.  We deeply value our relationships with you.


THANK YOU to our Capital Region friends:


Upstate Independents Filmmakers Network- we’re inspired by your community

Mike Feurstein- for your wonderful students and asking nothing in return

Steven O’ Connor, Carolyn Cocca of Cocca Casting and Heidi Philipsen- for your help and support in making our 1st Albany casting session happen in record time.

Debby Goedeke, Albany County Film Commissioner- thank you for your generosity, kindness and infectious, vivacious spirit

The fierce ladies of UPWIFT- thank you for involving us in a memorable panel experience




DEAN, an amazingly hilarious script by Demetri Martin, was our first bi-coastal feature casting in NYC and L.A. where we grew leaps and bounds as individuals, as well as a team.  Huge gratitude to the fiercely, multi-talented John Cole for all your help and support in L.A. and to the amazing Sheilah Papa for your help with scouting NYC talent and your inspiring gift of encouraging and supporting actors.  Thank you Traci Carlson, Jessica Latham, Giles Andrew and Allison Carter for your trust on this project and to our lovely Naomi Wells, for connecting us yet again.  We adore you!


Principal casting for GOOD OL’ BOY was truly unforgettable.  This wonderfully endearing script won us over instantly.  Finding the title role was literally a whirlwind which involved a world wide search that caused our systems to crash 3 times.  Many the miles were driven with road trips North to the Capital Region, South to NYC & NJ, West to PA and East to Hartford, CT to scout talent and catch their performances. Our reward,  were late night casting conference calls with Paul Quinn- absolutely priceless.  Thank you Alan Baltes for your extended reach with talent.  Huge gratitude to Anjul Nigam for your trust in us and to our lovies, Michelle Cameron and Naomi Wells for the opportunity to work with the best ladies in the business, yet again.

We could not have accomplished this daunting task without the invaluable assistance of Brian Gallio, Corey Smith and Kate Savitsky of  We love you more!!!


Casting music videos is one of our favorite gigs and watching music artists like GUY SEBASTIAN and TRUST succeed, is absolutely thrilling.  Thank you to the lovely and fiercely talented Jess Cohen, Will Joines and Zoe White for having us take part.  We adore you all and cannot wait to reveal the next music video by ANDREW KOEGHAN!


Thank you to Carmine Famiglietti for trusting us with STARING AT THE SUN and to Dion Matthews for continually being our lifeline AD, soothing us with your calming demeanor and sexy voice.


Dawn Ansbro of Orange County NY Film Office- our Noble Coffee klatch was brilliant and proved how accessible and (yes we’ll say it) noble someone in your position can be.


A very special thank you to our HUDSON VALLEY CLIENTS for your continued pursuit for quality casting.  Going above and beyond for you to help raise the bar is a beautiful win-win for all involved.


Wrapping up the year with how we began is casting principals for the feature film, HONEYBEE- absolutely exciting.  Thank you Nicole Harris for trusting us with your baby.  We are super STOKED to be on your team and on this journey!


This year saw us cast not only in New York and the tri-state area but in Texas and California as well.  The talent for our projects came from as far as India and once again we learned the virtues of 21st century technology aiding our casting potential.  Most importantly, we could not have done this without our amazing technical team, darling Brian for our kick-ass website and Cliff Vick  of Artisanal Code, Inc., who struggles daily with our computer ignorance.  We are eternally indebted to both of you.  Love and thanks to Melissa Phillips for the design of our logo, too.  You are so cool.


Finally, to OUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILIES, we are forever grateful for your patience, support and unconditional love.











New Year — New Web Site!

Welcome to our newly designed web site!  We’re so proud of it as it better represents who we are and what we do.  Good work stems from the amazing team behind it.   While the design of the website was born from our collective vision of how best to project BreakThrough, Dana and Brian Lockhart were instrumental in collecting those ideas and having them perform as we like to think we do; quickly, efficiently and beautifully. Thank you to you both.

Thank you Cliff Vick for your support, assistance and friendship.

We are looking forward to 2014 but not without a re-cap of 2013!

2013 was a turning point for BreakThrough.  We kicked off the year with the addition of Johanna Tacadena as partner.  Johanna took off running and quickly put her fingerprint on our casting calls and submissions.  Our testimonials reflect Johanna’s impact on how we do business.  Because she is a working actor, she is a constant resource to actors on how to improve their tools, craft, and ultimately book the job!

We had an incredible summer with the honor of working on 2 indie films:  COLD IN JULY and HITS

Thank you to Amy Hutchings for the partnership on COLD IN JULY.  Because of your generosity and trust, we had an experience of a lifetime and met incredible people.

To Jim Mickle:  An amazing, hands-on director that we absolutely loved working with.  You have our un-ending support with COLD IN JULY and all future projects.

To the COLD IN JULY production team:  Thank you for showing us what a tight, efficient team looks like.  The entire production was a master class on so many levels.  Hoping our paths cross again.

During the production of COLD IN JULY, we were called upon to assist with HITS, directed by David Cross.  We reached out to Dana Lockhart for assistance which was another turning point for BreakThrough.  Dana did an incredible job and did it with respect and kindness for everyone – every day.  We quickly realized that we needed Dana on our team permanently.  We offered her partnership and lucky for us, she said YES!  Dana represents our vision.  Do excellent work, have fun doing it and do it with generosity and kindness.   Dana’s skills are limitless:  producer, director, writer, actor and of course casting director — she continues to surprise us every day with her incredible intelligence, insight and outpouring generosity.

Thank you to the HITS production team.  If there is a template on how to make a good movie that includes everyone on set enjoying themselves while trusting that each role of production is performing at their best, well this is the film and these are the people who make it happen.  Congratulations on being tapped for Sundance, it is well-deserved!

Thanks to the Screen Actors Guild

LIKE A DRUM/Guy Sebastian music video production team, thank you. A perfect example of how a production can benefit by filming in the Hudson Valley.  Middletown, NY proved to be a most accommodating city towards production.  Mayor Joe DeStefano and Maria Bruni jumped into action to provide the shoot access and ease of filming as did Jennifer D’Andrea of the Orange County Arts Council/Orange County NY Film Office.  The video is beautiful as a result.  Guy Sebastian will be playing at the Sundance ASCAP Music Café to perfectly complement all of our 2013 ventures.



We value every relationship and appreciate the trust you placed in us this year.  It is our pleasure to add the following clients to our roster:

Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley

Ellenbogen Creative Media


Central Hudson Gas & Electric

Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

Focus Media

Orange Regional Medical Center

Ashworth Creative

TEG Federal Credit Union


Velocity Communications

Veria Living

Rich Kaelin, Kaelin Motion Productions

United Services Administrations

Strategic Advantage International



Dina Pace Shackelford, Pace Productions

Ed Roy, J6 Media Works



Growing our community relationships was a highlight this year and something close to BreakThrough’s vision.  It has been a pleasure working with and getting to know the following organizations:






UPWIFT (Heidi Philipsen, Amy Hutchings, Heidi Eklund, Jane Cottrell, Meira Blaustein, Tracy Cring, Gaby Allen)



To all the ACTORS that shared their talent and passion with us – THANK YOU.  None of this would be possible without you.  Thank you for your support and for sharing BreakThrough’s story.  Here’s to more work in the Hudson Valley and beyond!



Jason Fisch, Fisch Internet Solutions

Heidi Eklund

Paul Dekaj of Noble Coffee Roasters

Oscar Rivas, Rivaucci

“Gold” Wilkerson

Matt Dorcas, ND Pro Media

Nuby DeLeon, ND Pro Media

Gloria Bonelli

Jillian Fisher

Philip Russo

Elijah Kim, Elijah Kim Photography

John Cole, John Cole Photos

Tom Moore, Tom Moore Photo

Cristina Parvu, Parvu PR

Kevin Craig West

Tina Disisto

Terry Leroy


Rose McGregor

Tony Garnier

James Horvath



Thanks to the following special people for helping with the Typhoon Haiyan Relief Project:


Lorenzo & Eufemia Tacadena of Far East Mart for organizing Typhoon Haiyan Relief

Johanna, Laurie & Addie Tacadena

Elvie & Jimmy Abordo

Gawad Kalinga

RDR Cargo

Barbara Sklar, Relay for Relief

Sandra Riley

Steven O’Connor

Yoel Emmanuel

Jon Cring




AARON BERK & ERIC LARSON:  For all your support from the rooftop to sharing your talents – Love

FRANK BARRIERA, 6th Planet PRODUCTIONS:  Thanks for the never-ending support, inspiration and love.

MICHAEL WALTERS:  Thanks for always being available when the phone rang and for supporting us now and always.

JULIANNA AUSTIN:  Thank you for your help with social media and for keeping us on the pulse of what’s trending, hip, and cool — like you!

ANNA GALLIO:  Thanks for the last minute tweets, twits, whatever they’re called.  For always being there- no matter what.

BRETT GALLIO:   You saved our Skype audition day- thank you!

BRIAN GALLIO:   Hearing you say you’re proud of BreakThrough is almost as good as hearing you play your music.

TO OUR FRIENDS & FAMILIES:   Thank you for putting up with our schedules and for loving us unconditionally.