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Jess Cohen, Producer/Route 88 Films on “Like a Drum” the Guy Sebastian Music Video raves,

“Having recently hired the ladies at BreakThrough… as our casting directors for a Guy Sebastian music video, I couldn’t recommend them any more highly. We were working under a tight deadline and needed to cast two kids for the video in 24 hours. Pat, Johanna and Dana took the challenge in their stride and jumped onto the project with such enthusiasm and vigor. They managed to run a seamless casting session that impressed the Director [Will Joines] and us. Our final selects were perfect fits and both the label and Artist were impressed with the results and professionalism of the cast and casting team. The BreakThrough ladies were pleasures to work with throughout the entire process of making the video and went well beyond the call of duty to fulfill their services. Their contributions were instrumental in making the video run so smoothly and look so good! I am thankful for their invaluable contributions and can’t wait till the next project with them!”

“The kids are awesome, they’re so cute. They’re like ten years old but they’re KILLING IT!”– Guy Sebastian on set of LIKE A DRUM


Courtesy of Route 88 Films

Courtesy of Route 88 Films

Courtesy of Route 88 Films

Courtesy of Route 88 Films


Label:  Sony Music

Director:  Will Joines

Producers:  Jess Cohen & Michelle Cameron

Production Company:  Route 88 Films

DP:  Zoe White