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BREAKTHROUGH CASTING: Non-Union Voice-Over Animated Series – “BASH-UP BAM”

*Direct booking from self-tape and required info (see submission instructions below)


PROJECT:  Non-Union Voice-Over Animated Series, BASH-UP-BAM

DIRECTOR:  True Jackson

PRODUCER:  Carlos Garcia

PRODUCTION COMPANY:  Adolescent Content

CASTING DIRECTOR:  BreakThrough Casting

RECORDING DATE:  December 2015

LOCATION:  Remote recording

USAGE:  Director’s Reel and Web (AdolescentTV- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0uerDuP0yJ1uFzvCvq-M7g)

RATE:  $25 + credit+ copy



“Bash-up-Bam” is a story of Kad, a 14-year-old student who is taken care of by his babysitter as his mother is away. Kad has two close friends, Luna, who plays at the arcade with him in the mornings, and Greg. Kad’s mediocre life changes when a new transfer teacher, named Mr. P gives him a 20-paragraph essay that he must complete in three days using a custom-made pencil that writes in red. He also ends up pitting Kad against the other students in his class. The students try to take the pencil from Kad, but Kad is able to fend them off using makeshift fighting skills that he developed from playing arcade games. Kad ultimately goes through a series of fights and battles in and out of school. He even ends up fighting Mr. P, the transfer teacher. By the end of the story, Kad learns that some things are worth fighting for and nothing good comes out of giving up.



Adolescent, helmed by Creative Director Ramaa Mosley and Executive Producer Hope Farley is a production collective dedicated to the representation and mentorship of directors aged 13-27 years old for commercials, music videos and social media content. Many of the directors represented by Adolescent are accomplished professional photographers with published work, gallery and museum shows. Others are exceptional filmmakers in film programs across the country. A few were discovered outside of any program and are creative visionaries, shooting and posting their work on social media sites. All have a strong point of view that speaks directly to youth culture. Adolescent’s function is to harness and cultivate each young director’s natural visual and story telling gift and to connect them with advertising agencies and brands looking for a unique and youthful voice for a wide range of projects.



Voice-over actors who can embody the following characters, sound like real people in their real environments while bringing out the essence of the teenage experience and making it identifiable for others.



Kad is a 14 year-old average kid who is a little unsure of himself.  He’s smart but kind of lazy in the beginning of the series.  He also gets into trouble very easily and doesn’t have many friends except for his close friends, Greg and Luna.  Key descriptions:  lazy, sleepy, awkward and unsure of himself but evolves at the end of the series.  Voice reference is the main kid in this trailer but sounding 3 years older:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doSJxiYp9yo

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.23.44 PM


[MR. P]

Mr. P. is a middle-aged, strict disciplinarian who works as an Algebra teacher.  He speaks with a calm voice and believes he is very powerful.  With a boot camp like mentality and a “stick up his butt”, he always has to win and be the leader of the group.  It’s his way or no way at all. His voice should sound sharp.  This man is far from low key.  Voice reference is Robert De Niro in The Intern or Silver Linings Playbook. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-DEy3mylCs

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.27.17 PM



Greg is a playful character and a little bit older than Kad.  He is very humorous but can be serious and mature when he needs to be.  He is very energetic, athletic and maintains a positive attitude.  Voice reference is a realistic 14 year old teenage boy but older than Kad.  Key descriptions are confident, organized, always has a plan and always knows his next moves.  

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.32.26 PM



Luna is a friend of Kad’s who is quiet and conservative.  She doesn’t really care about a lot of things but tries to be friendly and social.  Luna makes sure she has straight A’s yet doesn’t want to stand out.  She’s the kind of girl who always follows the rules and does what her parents tell her to do. Voice reference is a realistic 15 year old teenage girl, higher in pitch than Kad, like a girl “matter of fact”.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.36.03 PM



He is an old, wise man who believes in helping others achieve greatness.  His voice sounds VERY old, mysterious yet remains strong, clear, calm, wise. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.38.47 PM


[B. BOY]

B. Boy is a very mature boy who is a confident leader.  He speaks with a strong deep voice and he doesn’t sugar coat things.  B.Boy is very respectable and tries to make the most of what he has.  Voice reference is one of a realistic voice teenager who is sure of himself, not book smart but street smart, when his fathers not home, B. Boy can not only take care of himself but takes care of everyone as well and sounds  like Shameik Moore:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTDTOWiHVvsh

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.40.41 PM




  1. name/email/cell/city based
  2. agency/rep name/email/cell (if available)
  3. links to audio work (if available)


  1. Give us 2 different reads of the audition copy (below).
  2. Upload to soundcloud.com and send separate links for each read.
  3. Deadline to submit is 9am, Tuesday 12/1/15.





BUB/role name







KAD (Thoughts)
That there is the bully bounty.
The nerdy LARP kids get bullied all the time so they pay the bully bounty to protect them from bullies, especially the ones that smash their heads into lockers.  The bully bounty uses a martial art way above my makeshift fighting. I would not want to fight him.

[MR. P]

Listen here, Kad Dayton. Forget your detention, You have 3 days to give me a well-written 20 paragraph essay on why I’m “all that.” Failure to do so will result in an automatic “F”.

(KAD, with his hands behind his head, rolls his eyes and chuckles.  MR. P angrily walks over to his desk, picks up made pencil, and slams it on KAD’s desk.)

You are required to use and write every letter of this essay with this custom-made pencil that writes in red.  You won’t be erasing the mistakes you’ve made.  If you do not use this pencil for your essay, you will get an “F”.  If you lose this pencil, you will get an “F”.  If you do not bring this pencil to school everyday, you will get an “F”.


Is… this a joke?

UNKNOWN (student in class)

Naaah…. tin man here is the joke!

The students in the class laugh. Mr.P begins to chuckle.

(projects his voice to all of class)

You guys think this is funny, huh?  If somehow Kad completes the assignment in time, everyone else in this class will receive an “F”.  If he does not complete the assignment in time, or fails to follow any of my instructions, he will receive an “F”…everyone else will get an “A”.


(KAD walks in the hallway. Greg comes up from behind him.)GREG
Hey, man!


Dude, guess what? Since it was the first day, my teacher brought his Wii, and we played smash for the WHOLE class!

You know what happened in my class, man?

(KAD is interrupted by an incident of a kid being bullied by another kid.)

Hey, isn’t that Moby?

Yeah, that’s him.



The man said these were magic beans. They might bring good luck…

You’re so superstitious.

(KAD gestures toward the arcade game.)

Make it 2p. Also can I copy your homework for science? I didn’t feel like doing it.

(KAD and LUNA start a fighting match on the arcade.)

You’re so lazy. You always leech off of me like this…

(KAD moans)

Fine, but your gonna fail the science test.

(KAD focuses on the arcade game.)

Also, we have a new transfer teacher. You and I have him…. third period.


We FADE IN to a sleeping homeless man. KAD comes across the homeless man on his skateboard, reaches into his lunch box and rolls an orange toward the HOMELESS MAN. KAD begins to skate away.  


Uhhh, it’s okay. I’m good.

Take it.

What’s inside?

(KAD opens the pouch to find two beans inside.)

Beans. Magic beans.

[B. BOY]

(Three boys enter the bathroom.)

Why are you guys all coming in at the same time, like a pack a girls…

Kad, give me the pencil.

Are you guys really taking that new transfer teacher seriously? Come on now!

You know I’m serious.