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Project:  Competition for potential reality series documenting Stage Mothers

Client:  Lifetime

Shoot Location:  New York, NY

Shoot Date:  Pending Network Approval

Rate:  Pending Network Approval



Females, ages 25 to 60, all ethnicities, from traditional and non-traditional families with their own story to share with viewers about living the life of a Stage Parent.

We’re looking for the next big Lifetime star.  BIG PERSONALITIES with strong opinions, no-nonsense, innovative, supportive parents who are fierce and smart.  We want this cast to mobilize and set a precedence for reality TV’s future- passionate people, real talent and a real intelligence.

Our director’s vision:

“ …is more “documentary” but of course informative, yet entertaining.  I don’t like drama and negativity however, loud, sassy, BIG, BOLD, no nonsense characters are wanted by most networks.  I personally feel I can create a quality TV show that showcases people as their true selves, because we all have stories and are all interesting in our own way”

To be considered, please submit completed template, attached jpegs of pics and recent selfies and an audition video.  Email to:  contact@breakthroughcasting.com


1.  Name:

2.  Cell #:

3.  Email:

4.  City Based:



-Attach jpeg of recent selfie clearly showing your face and hair length

-Attach jpegs of CURRENT pics



Create a video (smart phone is fine just record horizontally) using the questions below as a guideline.  Be creative and have fun!  Showcase your kid(s) as well, then upload it to youtube or vimeo and make it password protected.  Please make sure to include the password in your submission.

-include youtube or vimeo link with password

-downloads will not be accepted



We want to get to know you, the more transparent you can be the better.  Talk to us.  These questions are only a general guideline.  Please be as descriptive as possible when talking about yourself, your child and your experiences.  What’s important is that we get the sense of your unique personality so speak freely and have fun!

  1. Tell us about yourself
  • What is your current occupation?
  • What are your passions?
  • What were your past dreams?   Did they come to fruition?  What life events happened that brought you to the present?
  • What is on your bucket list of things to do?
  • Besides your child performer, are there other reasons why became involved with this industry?

2.  Tell us about your child performer

  • At what age did you recognize the passion to perform?
  • What are the natural and learned performing skills?
  • Describe the kind of training involved
  • How talented do you feel your child is compared to other children his or her age?
  • How do you balance your child’s passion for performing with learning all other facets of life building skills?

3.  Describe a day in your life when going out for your child’s big audition.

  • How do you prepare yourself?  What do you say to your child to help prepare them?
  • How do you handle your child’s stress/nervousness (if any) during and after the audition?
  • Instruct the viewer on the trials and pitfalls as well as how to deal with success and progress in your child’s career.
  • What kind of stage parent/manager do you think you are?  How good at it are you?

4.  What wisdom can you share with other Stage Parents?

  • What do you wish someone had told you before you and your child embarked on this journey?
  • Explain any trials and pitfalls you’ve experienced with your child’s career
  • Explain how you deal with success and progress in your child’s career