BREAKTHROUGH CASTING- CT: Non-Union Industrial Seeking HOST- Hartford Steam Boiler

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT SELF-TAPE:  before 10 AM Monday, January 2, 2017

PROJECT:  Non-Union Industrial

CLIENT:  Hartford Steam Boiler

PRODUCER:  Jim Nikodemski

PRODUCTION COMPANY:  Frontline Productions

CASTING DIRECTOR:  BreakThrough Casting

AUDITION DATE:  Direct Booking from self-tape/headshots/reels



SHOOT DATE:  1/11/17  (1/12/17 WEATHER DATE)

USAGE:  In-house training video only for company website + VO on video (FULL BUYOUT)

RATE:  $1000/8 hrs + 10% talent agency fee + $100 travel stipend



Female or Male, 30s-50s, any ethnicity, SEASONED ACTORS who are TelePrompter pros and VO artists.  Instructional video on what is and is not covered when air conditioning/hot water heater/furnace breaks down, how to fill out the required forms, etc.  Teleprompter included.  Shoots on-location at a private residence with one scene outdoors and the rest inside.  HOSTING/SPOKES REELS MANDATORY.

SUBMIT REQUIRED MATERIALS & SELF-TAPE (before 10 AM Monday, 1/2/17):

  1.  name/cell/email/agency info (if applicable)
  2.  current height/weight AND location base
  3.  current headshots/pics
  4.  updated resume
  5.  HOSTING/SPOKES reels/clips (MANDATORY)
  6.  MANDATORY self-tape due BEFORE 10 AM Monday, 1/2/17 (see instructions & audition copy below)


  1.  appear on camera ready (makeup, hair and dressed in polished, business casual attire)
  2.  slate, state height/weight, location base AND confirm that you can self-report to Hartford, CT
  3. zoom out for full body shots with full body profiles, zoom in and shoot from shoulders up to deliver copy (clearly showing face and hair length).
  4.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE WELL LIT, IN FOCUS WITHOUT ANY BACKGROUND NOISE.  If we can’t clearly see and hear you, your self-tape will not be reviewed.
  5.  memorize copy as much as possible to deliver the best read


Hello, I’m _________ from Hartford Steam Boiler – you may know us as HSB.

With 150 years of industry leadership, Hartford Steam Boiler sets the standard in equipment breakdown insurance. 

And at HSB, helping customers drives all that we do.

Now, HSB has partnered with your company to bring Home Systems Protection to your insureds.  

Since this is an additional coverage provided to your policyholders, it’s important that you …

  • Understand the coverage
  • Can identify potential equipment breakdown claims
  • Know the process for reporting claims into HSB, and
  • Understand what to expect during the claims process, and are familiar with the communications that will reach your policyholder.

In this presentation, I’ll first provide an overview of our Home Systems Protection coverage.

I’ll then review the basic elements of the policy, and discuss the claim process.  

Lastly, I’ll walk you through a few scenarios that illustrate some of the most common claims.

Email:  dana@breakthroughcasting.com

Subject line:  HSB